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[ S e r v i c e s / B l o c k ]

Thermal Clean Blocks, Cranks, And Rods In A Sunnen TC38-24

- Aftermarket Caps Installed & Line Bored, Cam Lines Bored for Roller Cam Bearings On A DCM 1500

- Align Hone Blocks On A Sunnen CH100

- Blocks Deck Are Corrected On A Rottler SFO CBN Resurfacing Machine W/BHJ Deck-Tru

- Lifter Truing And Bushings Installed With BHJ Lifter-Tru

- Blocks Bored On Rottler F24VB Boring Machine & Torque Plate Honed On A Sunnen SV10 With BHJ Plates with Conventional or Diamond Abrasives

- Cylinder Bore Locations Corrected With BHJ Bore-Tru

- Blocks Clearanced For Stroker Crank And Aluminum Rod Assemblies

- Rods Rebuilt Big End & Pin End On RMC Rod Bore And Sunnen 1699 Rod Hone

- Piston Pins Fit To Rods And Pistons

- O-Ring Grooves And Receiver Grooves Machined In Block Decks

- Ring End Gaps Set For All Applications

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