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We have differn’t levels of repair when it comes to cyclinder head jobs but remember the services we can perform are not limited to the list below, feel free to contact us at any time.

Cleaning the cyclinder heads is a very important process thats taken very seriously, we make sure to clean and remove all containminating deposits from the cyclinder heads after complete disassembling and stripping.

Pressure testing is also offered as a service and is used to ensure the integrity of the parts and check for cracks or other defects.

We also offer line boring which is done to factory standards or better.

Assembly. After careful and thorough inspection, the valves and valve guides are tested to avoid excessive oil burning.

The final stage of complete repairing is thorough vacuum testing. This process assures proper sealing of all valves and proper cylinder compression upon installation.

Head Work Overview

Heads Flow Tested On A JKM 600 Flow Bench

- Heads Flat Milled And Angle Milled On A Rottler SFO CBN Resurfacer For Conventional Or MLS Type Gaskets

- O-Ring Grooves And Receiver Grooves Machined In Heads

- Bronze, Cast And Bronze Wall Guides Installed And Honed On A Sunnen HS30K Diamond Guide Hone

- Seats Installed For Repairs Or To Upgrade For Unleaded Fuel On Older Engines

- Seats Cut On A Sunnen SGM 1500 With Single Blade Carbide Cutters In Radius And Multi-Angle Designs

- Seats Enlarged And Bowls Blended For Oversize Valves

- Heads Machined For Clamp-on Seals, Larger Valve Springs And Screw-in Rocker Studs

-Valve Springs Tested and Installed with Height Adjusted on a Longacre Digital Spring Test

- Heads Magnafluxed And Pressure Tested

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